Image © Nathan Grant.

Image © Nathan Grant.

I grew up in the countryside, walking, exploring, and falling out of trees… (I was particularly good at that). I guess it was little surprise when I graduated in 2007, after studying photography, that I would end up focusing my attentions on the outdoors.

Since then I have worked as a photographer and retoucher, with the aim to create natural and authentic stock photography and video, emphasising on honest scenes and true moments in nature.

In 2010 I was sadly diagnosed with two chronic illnesses; Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I’ve had to alter my life considerably in order to continue doing what I love, but it’s amazing how adaptive we can learn to be when we need to!

I’m often asked what gear I use, but I’m afraid the answer is not that exciting. For years it was a heavy bag of Canon gear and lenses, a full Lee Filter 100mm system, weighty tripod - everything you’d expect really. However, I sold all of that when I got ill and have exclusively shot Fujifilm bodies with Fujinon lenses since then. I no longer use graduated filters as I personally find the dynamic range of today’s cameras can produce results that are far more natural; I simply carry a few ND filters for long exposure work, combined with a lightweight Gitzo tripod.

The beauty of this is that I get to blend in with the crowd, and it all stows away in a lightweight backpack, which is a complete blessing when exploring on two wheels!